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Pro Business IT Solutions

Office 365 (SaaS)

This Software as a Service (SaaS) provides companies with staff email, collaboration, communication, secure file storage and much more
Microsoft Partner managed

Engaging with a Microsoft Partner for Office 365 management allows organisations to optimise their use of the suite, receive expert guidance, and ensure their IT infrastructure aligns with best practices.

Centralised Collaboration

Providing a unified platform where teams can work together efficiently, sharing documents, scheduling meetings, and communicating in real time.

Safe, secure Storage

Through services like OneDrive and SharePoint, where data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. These platforms not only provide robust protection against data breaches, but also ensure data integrity with features such as version history and recovery options.

No surprise fees

Organisations can effectively manage their budgets due to its transparent pricing structure, ensuring no surprise fees. The predictable cost of subscriptions allows for better financial planning, and includes updates, alleviating concerns about unexpected expenditure.

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Pro Business is elated to offer the Office 365 package, a sterling embodiment of Microsoft’s robust, cloud-based suite of productivity tools. In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, an emphasis on mobility and flexible working arrangements is paramount. The Office 365 package is tailored to meet these needs, offering your business unrivalled flexibility, accessibility, and productivity.

By choosing the Office 365 package through Pro Business, your organisation will reap the benefits of cutting-edge technology whilst remaining agile, efficient, and competitive. Our expert team stands ready to assist with the transition, ensuring a smooth integration into your business operations. Our unwavering dedication to customer service and satisfaction assures you that Pro Business is a partner you can trust, helping you make the most of the Office 365 suite.

Steve Majchrzakowski, Co-Founder